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The Owner and Principal of 3VC Consulting, Joost is a global steel and commodity expert with global experience in all fields of the manufacturing industry, in operations as well as commercial functions and business planning as well as consulting. Strong team builder and leader, fluent in six languages and well-versed in many cultures. Strategic thinker, developer and also strong in execution.​


"One of the brightest minds in the world of steel."

—  Professional Steel Consultant

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Why 3vc?

There are many consultants around. So why deal with 3VC Consulting?

  • 3VC is experienced - we have been there before.

  • 3VC is fast - we get it and we act.

  • 3VC is flexible - we adjust to your schedule.

  • 3VC is clear – our budgets are simple.

  • 3VC is focused - we only do what we are good at.

  • 3VC is caring – we work to improve your bottom line.

  • 3VC is affordable – enough said.

  • 3VC is connected – if we cannot help you, we know someone.

  • 3VC speaks your language – quite literally.



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About our logo

The 3VC logo was designed by Siena Grubben, daughter of the founder when she was 11 years old. The logo includes the 3 V’s of “Views, Values and Vision” and the C of “Care”, while the root sign symbolizes the fact that 3VC offers solutions. Green reflects optimism and safety while blue stands for harmony and trust. The grey in the middle says that 3VC does not offer “black and white” views.

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